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Barry McCall - freelance journalist

Denise Beck - Multimedia Design
Denise Beck has been developing visual concepts mainly for the Internet presence of companies in Ireland and Northern Ireland since 1999. Amongst her services are also the design of brochures and CD ROMs.
Originally she left university in 1997 as a marine geologist as such she has worked on several research vessels to the North Atlantic, the Arabian Sea and Antarctica. But whilst working as a geologist she took more interest in designing posters for conferences than in the scientific work itself and decided to change her career.
Now, 5 years later, after having completed a M.Sc. in Computing & Design Denise Beck works as a freelance multimedia designer. The combination of conceptual thinking deriving from her scientific background and a strong knowledge of multimedia applications combined with graphic design skills enables her to utilise digital media as the main tool of expressing a company's unique selling point. Amongst her clients are McCall Media, ECO-UNESCO, Roslyn Park College, Fernwave Construction Ltd. and UCC Student Centre. Further examples of her work including a few experimental pieces can be found on her homepage. If you are interested in the work behind the scenes take a look at a design report that are prepared as conceptual guidance before the visual work starts. For further questions contact her at or 086 3421818.

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